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Rio Napo
San Francisco in Quito
San Francisco in Quito
Virgen del Carmen
Virgen del Carmen in Quito
Market in Guamote; 13.11.02
On Sunday the otherwise sleepy Andes village wakes up to a busy day. The indigenous come from the whole region and sell mainly their agricultural products there.
Mace against Cocaine; 02.11.02
The Colombian government tries to stop the flourishing cocaine production in the Southern Region of Putumayo with mace. At irregular intervals, military airplanes spray the poisonous cargo over the region on the Ecuadorian border.
Mondaña Health Clinic; 01.11.02
The Health Clinic in Mondaña is the contact point for 8,000 Quichua scattered along the Río Napo. In the past 10 years, former environmental consultant and founder of the Funedesin organization Douglas MC Meekin set up a school, a hospital and the Yachana eco-lodge in the village counting 140 people.
Trip on Río Napo; 25.10.02
At the end of the Reality-Tour the group ships from Limoncocha upstream in the direction of Coca. On this part the Río Napo is very quiet...
Meerschweinchen vom Grill
Kräuterfrau in Guamote
Shopping in Guamote
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