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Palmera de las selvas

Following the report of Peter Jorgensen (Botanical garden, Missouri) more than 16.000 kinds of plants have been counted in Ecuador. The actual number is supposed to be well above that, since the research in this area is far away from being finished.
There are an estimated 250.000 vascular plants worldwide. This would mean, that 6 per cent of the world's plants are found in an area , that only makes 0.2 per cent of the world-surface. 20 per cent of the fauna is endemic, which means that it is only to be found in the region of Ecuador and nowhere else in the world. Since the Ecuadorian rainforest slightly mounts from the amazon-valley to the Andes-Cordilleras, different ecosystems can be found here with a great variety of different living-spaces.

The Vegetation of the Costa
Dry bush vegetation is typical of the coastal deserts and half-deserts with an average rainfall of less than 30 mm per annum and a dry period of nine months. The valuable mangrove-forests on the pacific coast have assimilated to the tidal movements and the salt and mud water very well. Mangroves are spawn- and play-ground for shrimps, various fish, mussels and clams. They are being destroyed for shrimps-farms, having left only a few forests on the coast of Ecuador in the province on Esmeralda and at the golf of Guayaquil.

Epiphyte at Podocarpus
Epipythe at Podocarpus
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