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About every four days Global-Reporter brings new articles and pictures. Come and follow my eight-weeks journey through the fascinating Andes state and learn interesting news about the people and nature in Ecuador!

Environment: "The Revenge of the Mancha Blanca"; 05.01.2003
"Earlier," recounts Nicola Mears, "earlier, here stood mangroves as far as the eye can reach. Thousands of families lived on the rich fishgrounds of the mangroves." Until about twenty years ago the shrimp boom set in, promising quick money to a few. On the way to the Bahía organic farm we cast a look on the bank of the Río Chone. The scenery is dominated by gigantic industrial shrimp farms. The ponds surrounded by brown dams without vegetation run for many kilometres along the coastline.

Gallery: Tortoise breeding on Santa Cruz; 28.11.02
In order to preserve the populations of eleven tortoise species of the archipelago, the Charles Darwin Station runs an extensive breeding programme…

Gallery: The animal world on the Galápagos islands; 24.11.02
Playful sea lions, phlegmatic tortoises, lizards reminding us of archaic times, sea birds with spectacular fishing methods and much more...

Environment: "But do Vampires exist"; 17.11.02
"There are bats that attack people and suck their blood," says the 13-year-old Luis and looks expectantly at the German biologist Felix Matt. The Swabian smiles and explains again to the eight children of the environmental project patiently that these stories belong to the world of myths.

Environment: "Volcanic Eruption Puts Pipeline in Danger"; 15.11.02
On 06 November, 2002 the 3,562 metres high Reventador volcano erupted quite unexpectedly. The route of the new OCP pipeline runs only a few kilometres in the South along the foot of the active volcano. Hundreds of workers of the Argentinian Techint construction company had to be evacuated when the falling stones and lava lumps put the construction camp in danger. The OCP pipeline was damaged by he eruptions at several points.

Journey: "Market in Guamote"; 13.11.02
On Sunday the otherwise sleepy Andes village wakes up to a busy day. The indigenous come from the whole region and sell mainly their agricultural products there.

Environment: "Reality Tour: In the Footsteps of Oil Companies "; 11.11.02
At a reality tour of the American organization Global-Exchange interested young people want to go beyond the scope of the mass-media and talk with the people on the spot about the problems of oil extraction. In two days from Lago Agrio to Limoncocha the journey proved to deserve its name...

Environment: "The Price of the Black Gold "; 07.11.02
From 1964 to 1992 Texaco extracted oil in Northern Amazonas region with obsolete technology. Toxic residues and oil were not disposed in an environmentally friendly way for cost reasons, but brought to the fragile eco-system. Even ten years later people suffer from the contaminated soil. For nine years, those affected have been filing actions against the oil giant...

Journey: "Mace against Cocaine "; 01.11.02
Since the Colombian government has combated the cocaine plantations in the South of the country with the assistance of the United States with mace from the air, Ecuadorian population in the border region suffers from the devastating consequences of the treatment.

Gallery: "Consequences of Oil Extraction in the Orient"; 28.10.02
There are 339 toxic oil basins in the Orient. They store the waste of the refineries. The population has filed actions against Texaco and has been suffering from the consequences for decades...

Environment: "David against Goliath"; 24.10.02
OCP plans a construction of the pipeline on the steep mountain ridges of the Mindo protection forest. "Acción por la Vida", an organization founded in Mindo fights desperately against the construction project. Cesar Fiallo does not believe in the stability of the pipeline: "Just imagine that the pipeline constructed up there will be damaged in a landslide. The leaking oil would irrecoverably devastate the wildlife on both sides of the mountain."

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